Galla concert – Kirsten Flagstad Festival

The outdoor galla concert at “Domkirkeodden” was a big success, the only thing we missed was the present of the Norwegian National TV NRK. This became an extraordinary event, following in the footsteps of the former so famouse Holmenkollen concerts. Furthermor this was the debut for the new established “Innlandets Philharmonic Orchestra” conducted by Olaf Henzold with Atlle Sponberg as concert master.

Applause. foto: Henning Høholt, copyright reserved.

The following international and national soloists participated:
Ekaterina Siurina, sopran (Russia), Rachel Willis-Sørensen, sopran, (USA), Olga Busuioc, sopran (Moldova),Ingebjørg Kosmo, mezzo (Norway), Charles Castronovo, tenor (USA), Henrik Engelsviken, tenor (Norway),Yngve Andre Søberg, bassbaryton (Norway), Musa Ngqungwana, bassbaryton (South -Africa), Arve Tellefsen, violin (Norway), Tom Ottar Andresen, flute (Norway), all conducted by Olaf Henzold. Konferansier Bjørn Simensen.

Encore, Libiamo from Verdi´s opera La Traviata. Foto: Henning Høholt

Before the concert Vang Music Association, conducted by Nils Magnem played a concert.

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Applause for Olaf Henzold, Ingebjørg Kosmo and Henrik Engelsviken after first part. Foto: Henning Høholt, copyright reserved.

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